What you need to know before you book your audition for “Buddy”

This exciting musical story about the life of a rock ‘n’ roll legend, covers the three short but prolific years from the beginning, arrival, and tragic departure of Buddy Holly on the world’s music scene. It contains some 20 classic songs from that era, and requires a cast of varying ages, talents, and gender. The production of around 90 mins (with an interval) will appeal to all ages.

DCS is looking to present a concert-style production with a strong emphasis on the songs and music of Buddy and the era. The production has a minimum of narrative beyond outlining Buddy’s life and those who closely influenced it.

Also, whilst males tend to dominate the key roles, there are some very strong singing/character roles for females, as well as playing/singing roles as some well-known singing groups of the era, and as studio back-up singers featured on numerous songs.

There is something like 11 key character roles. The total company of approximately 15 – males and females – will be required to play multiple parts.


Auditions are by appointment only and will be held at the Forth Primary School 23-25 October. To book an audition, call Maree on 0408 079 805.

We intend to perform BUDDY at the paranaple arts centre (Town Hall Theatre) from May 14-29, 2021.

##. NB: It is important to note that regulations surrounding COVID-19 at the time of production will ultimately determine whether our show goes on and the extent of audience size. We believe it is better to prepare, enjoy, and try than to do nothing. One way or another, our BUDDY will be performed!


We are very fortunate to have a very experienced production team to work with our cast and musicians to stage this exciting musical.

Director ~ Sid Sidebottom; Producer ~ Maree Brodzinski; Band Leader ~ David Turner; Vocal Director ~ Bronwyn Darvell and 2nd keyboards; Guitar Tutor and Lead Guitarist ~ Simon McNeair; Assistant Director ~ Elizabeth Viney; Répétiteur ~ Michele Taylor; Costume Designer and Maker ~ Wendy McCrae; Set Designers~ Jenny Slater and Belinda Gunson; Set Construction ~ Max Darvell and Team; Properties Maker ~ David Dunn; Assistant Producer ~ Kimbra Westcott

Act 1


Act 2
OH BOY (encore)

The music contains a variety of styles from Country, through Folk, lots of Rock and Roll, and Big Band numbers. It will require various ensemble singing to back up the character songs across several genres.


A number of these roles can/will be played by the same player(s).
* Denotes mainly acting role; ## Denotes major character role & generally, singing; *** Denotes some singing.

##BIG BOPPER (2nd half)
##RITCHIE VALENS. (2nd half)
##NORMAN PETTY (2nd half)
##VI PETTY (2nd half)
*MURRAY DEUTCH (2nd half)
*M.C. AT CLEARLAKE (2nd half)
*SHIRLEY the Secretary
***JACK DAW AND THESNOWBIRDS  (Singing Group 2nd half)
***HAYRIDERS Singing Group (1st half)*ENGLISH BBC DJ (2nd half)
***MUSICIANS and SINGERS AT CLEAR LAKE (the Band and Company in the final scene)


BUDDY is a high energy show requiring enthusiasm, energy, zest, and a real desire and determination to recreate the era and its music.

Whilst the lead role of Buddy will be played by the one player throughout the performances, every other player can play a variety of different character roles. Thus, most players need to be capable character actors and singers, both solo and parts singing.

Irrespective of what roles people are lucky enough to play in BUDDY, it is a requirement that everyone will attend every rehearsal as required, and learn their lines, music, moves etc as quickly and thoroughly as possible, thus allowing for productive rehearsals and workshops. Time is precious!

Experience dictates that players should only commit to one production at a time.


In musical theatre, it is ‘characters’ who sing, dance, and act!
# Ages are indicative, not prescriptive.

BUDDY – the leading player. The show’s anchor. Singer-songwriter and star from Lubbock, Texas. Buddy is intelligent, charismatic, 6 ft or over, preferably under 25. Must ‘play’ guitar, sing and act and have a real feel for rock ‘n’ roll. Must possess some serious ‘star potential’ and have the desire to live as a rock & roll superstar every performance! The role will require the player to comprehensively research and observe the life and music of Buddy Holly.

JOE B MAULDIN – A Cricket. Double Bass/Bass player from Lubbock, Texas. Preferably ‘mid-20s’. Serious, square young man with musical ability. Must be able to sing, ‘play’ bass, and act. This character is predominantly in the first third of the show and can/could play another role at the Clear Lake Concert at the end of the show.

JERRY ALLISON – A Cricket. Drummer, preferably ‘mid-20s’ from Lubbock, Texas. Good looking, irrepressible cheeky humour with musical ability. Must be able to act and sing. This character is predominantly in the first third of the show and can/could play another role at the Clear Lake Concert at the end of the show.

*NIKI SULLIVAN – the 4th Cricket. Guitarist, preferably ‘mid-20s’ look from Lubbock, Texas. Niki commenced with The Crickets and was originally part of the 4-part group. *It would be preferable that this person is a competent lead guitarist to ‘lead’ the on-stage musicians. This character is predominantly in the first third of the show and will play another role at the Clear Lake Concert at the end of the show if predominately a musician, possibly as Tommy Allsup.

MARIA ELENA HOLLY. Wife of Buddy. A significant character role. Attractive, ‘mid-20s’ of ‘Hispanic-American’ extraction. Classy and well-educated. Must be a good actress with plenty of character, and zest.  Musical ability an advantage but not prohibitive. This player comes to prominence towards the middle of the show and is therefore available for early scene work as a backing singer if musical.

HIPOCKETS DUNCAN.  A very significant character role as the show’s key narrator. Approximately 30-40+, an exuberant stereotypical hometown radio DJ from Lubbock, Texas, with an air of authority and a keen sense of humour. Must be a strong actor. The ability to sing is an advantage but not prohibitive.

J.P. RICHARDSON – THE BIG BOPPER A former DJ, he is a ‘Texan’ with an irrepressible larger-than-life character. 6 ft and above, with the ability to command the stage on his own as a single performer. His key song is Chantilly Lace. Must be able to act and should possess comedic flair along with a voice to sell Chantilly Lace – musically and comedically. This player’s key role occurs at the end of the show; hence he is available to play other roles throughout the show.

RITCHIE VALENS. Good looking, ‘under 25’ and of ‘Hispanic-American extraction’. Richie is an attractive, handsome lad with serious charisma, a dedicated eye for the ladies, and the ability to hold the stage in his own right. His key song is La Bamba. Must be a good singer and actor. This player’s key role occurs at the end of the show; hence he is available to play other roles throughout the show.

NORMAN PETTY – Record Producer. A significant character role. Approximately 30-40, a record producer from Clovis, New Mexico, with a businesslike manner and a love of making records. Must be a strong actor. The ability to sing is an advantage but not prohibitive.

VI PETTY. Approximately 30-40, the wife of Norman with a heart of gold, and a good sense of humour. A significant character role. Vi must be able to sing and be a strong character actress who preferably, but not necessarily, can play keyboards as she participates in the song Every Day with Buddy and The Crickets.

APOLLO CLUB PERFORMER 1 – Male/Female, ‘Harlem singer’, 25-60yrs.
Ability to hold the stage on his/her own. Must have good comic timing, be a good actor, and a charismatic singer. An ability to play a woodwind or brass instrument would be very useful but not essential. This player is eligible to play other supporting roles outside the Apollo Club scene which ends Act I.

APOLLO CLUB PERFORMER 2 – Female/Male, ‘Harlem singer’, 25-60yrs.
Ability to hold the stage on his/her own. Must have good comic timing, be a good actor, and a charismatic singer. This player is eligible to play other supporting roles outside the Apollo Club scene which ends Act I.

THE ENSEMBLE – All genders, all ages.
Must be able to sing, particularly part-singing, and have ability to act out a multitude of roles. (For example, Jingle singers, The Hayriders’ Country Singers, Shirley and Murray Deutch, backing singers, Jack Daws and the Snowbirds, several DJ roles, and Clear Lake Concert MC and singers. See many of these above in ROLES)

Each player needs to be zestful and flexible. A smallish but strong Ensemble is important to the success of our production of BUDDY.

The extent and number of non-principal role allocations will be determined by the quality and number of people auditioning for the show. 

To book your audition, call Maree on 0408 079 805.

Information Session – “Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story” – in 2021

An information session for those wishing to audition for Devonport Choral Society’s 2021 production of BUDDY: THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY will be held at Forth Primary School Performing Arts Centre, Wilmot Road on Sunday 11 October.  The session will start at 2pm.

The information session will be a great opportunity to meet the Production Team, find out more about the show and get some tips on what the Team will be looking for at auditions.

The production will be directed by Sid Sidebottom with vocal direction by Bronwyn Darvell, musical direction by David Turner and Simon McNeair.

BUDDY will require a musically-talented cast of 15 players to act out multiple roles in the life of Buddy Holly, as well as a small band to join the cast in presenting and playing the dynamic music of Buddy Holly and his contemporaries. Anyone thinking of auditioning or wishing to find out more should attend.

No bookings for auditions will be taken prior to the information session and additional information is not available until then.  Auditions will be held 23 – 25 October, at the same venue. Auditions are by appointment only.

BUDDY: THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY will be performed at the paranaple arts centre (Town Hall Theatre) in May 2021.

Media Release – Search for Young Nathan

Media Release – 8 November 2019

The Devonport Choral Society has recently announced the cast for their Tasmanian premiere of The Full Monty. However, there is one very important role that is still up for grabs … the role of Nathan Lukowski.

Director Sid Sidebottom says, “The role of Nathan is a great role for an aspiring young actor who loves musical theatre, and is willing to learn, listen, and work hard to portray this engaging, well-meaning, and instructive character. Nathan is ’12-14 years old going on thirty’, but young-looking for his age.”

Mason Waller, who plays the lead role of Jerry Lukowski, Nathan’s on-stage father, will join Mr Sidebottom to read his parts at the young actors’ audition. “It will be a bonding session from the very start,” said Mr Sidebottom. “The relationship between these two characters is crucial to the story. Nathan can be stoic, sincere, and charming, but ultimately real, as he deals with his parents’ custody battle. Their connection will be believable.”

An information session will take place at Forth Primary School on Sunday 17 November at 3pm.  Anyone expressing an interest in auditioning for the role is encouraged to attend with a parent or guardian. “This is a special role in the show in terms of character role and presenting a young person in a largely adult show with adult themes. Of course, this will be done with appropriate sensitivity and in communication with the player’s parents.”

Auditions are by appointment only and will take place on Sunday 1 December.  More information is available by contacting Producer, Maree Brodzinski on 0408 079 805 or emailing DCSFullMonty2020@gmail.com .

The Full Monty will be performed at the paranaple arts centre (Town Hall Theatre) in May 2020.

Book your auditions for The Full Monty




For those that missed our information session for The Full Monty … find out more here.
Auditions will be held at Forth Primary School on Friday 25 (6-9pm), Saturday 26 (9am-6pm) and Sunday 27 October (9-11am).  Auditions by appointment only.
You can book an audition by calling Maree on 0408 079 805 or emailing DCSFullMonty2020@gmail.com
More specific audition information is available upon booking your audition.

Show season will be 15 – 30 May 2020 at the paranaple arts centre.

Introducing… DCS’s THE FULL MONTY!

We thought fellow thespians might like a little insight into what we have in mind for The Full Monty (TFM). Please, be aware, the following is intended only as a taster and is not set in stone – We invite anyone and everyone to consider auditioning in October.

The Full Monty will be staged mid-May 2020.


The musical follows the same story as the movie but on stage, it’s set in the USA. It centres on the personal and shared journey of six unemployed males but relies on a community of other characters – male and female – around them. The Full Monty requires a cast of approximately 20, including the six male lead characters – each of whom are equally important to the overarching storyline and each of which is readily and realistically ‘identifiable’ to audiences.

They are ‘everyday’ types of males facing unemployment and dealing with its effects. With time on their hands, what can they do collectively, rather than individually, to make ends meet? By show’s end, to go ‘The Full Monty’ isn’t so much about voluntarily stripping, but gaining personal strength, respect and self-knowledge, and a friendship based around a shared, daring and – some might say – risqué, enterprise!


Jerry, Dave, Ethan, “Horse” (Noah), Harold and Malcolm are our six leads, aged 20s-60s –Harold and “Horse” are older; Jerry, Dave, Ethan and Malcolm are younger. These guys have all got to sing Baritone/Tenor, move rhythmically (to music) and be prepared to go The Full Monty!

While less in quantity, but still equally important are the leads’ significant others (or exes) in Pam, Estelle, Georgie, Vicki, Susan, Joanie and Molly. All will be expected to characterise (especially Estelle, Georgie, Pam and Vicki), sing alto/mezzo-soprano and move rhythmically. In addition to these female roles, is that of Jeanette Burmeister who plays the pivotal role of the six’s piano-player come production-advisor. This is an acting and singing role for an alto, able to bring the ruff, tuff, never enuff attitude to the character. Her stage age matches Horse’s.

Aside from these, there are a number of other supporting male roles such as, Jerry and Pam’s son, Nathan (12-15yrs) who plays an important part throughout the show, the male stripper, “Keno” (Buddy), Pam’s boyfriend, Teddy, the nightclub owner, Tony, Police Sergeant, Reg Willoughby, a religious minister and 2-3 other males as part of the ensemble.


DIRECTOR | Sid Sidebottom
PRODUCER | Maree Brodzinski
VOCAL DIRECTOR | Bronwyn Darvell
CHOREOGRAPHER | Elizabeth Viney
COSTUMES | Wendy McCrae
SET DESIGN | Belinda Gunson & Jenny Slater
SET CONSTRUCTION | Max Darvell, Steve Locke & Michael Rubock
LIGHTING | Michael Westcott