Bursary Recipients

The DCS Life Members & Patrons Bursary

This Bursary is to the value of up to $1000 and is awarded to members who show exceptional talent or passion to assist them in furthering their knowledge in Musical Theatre.  Recipients can be on-stage performers, band members or technical crew members.  The Bursary is usually announced on closing night of the Society’s main show.

Previous Recipients

2023      Seth Crane, Zomury Smith-Williams & Campbell Mayberry
2021      Ezra Shelverton, Lucas Hodge, Zac Weeks & Taylor Rand
2019      Hannah Lee-Archer
2018      Daniel Twamley & Leon Zolati
2017      Emma Walker & Alex French
2016      Theo Viney
2015      Caitlin Singleton
2014      Thomas McGee & Joel King
2013      Caitlin Hendrey & Elora Woods
2012       Hayden Applebee
2011       Alastair Yeates & Holly Johnston
2010       Isaac Gee & Chloe Harris
2009      Bronwyn Baker
2008      Andrew Doyle & Toby Brodell
2007      Andrea Hendrey & Stuart Grant*
2006       Jessica Smedley & Tim McLaren
2005       Jill Cason