New Life Members and Bursary Recipient Announced

Congratulations and welcome to our two newest Life Members – Carolyn Harris and Shayne Lowe. Both ladies have been involved in many of our shows (Carolyn (left) since 2002 and Shayne (right) since 1996) both on and off stage. They have both contributed greatly to the success of the Society, as it is today. We were very proud to induct them both as Life Members on our closing night of The Addams Family.

A huge congratulations to the recipient of this years’ Life Members and Patron’s Bursary, Theo Viney! He was the lighting operator for The Addams Family. He is a very capable young man with a great work ethic and a talent for the technical side of theatre (and other areas too). We look forward to seeing Theo’s skills develop and look forward to working with him on future productions.

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