Our 2010 production of Camelot is well underway. I have just come back from a misty, moisty photo shoot at Bell’s Parade and I just have to say how amazing everyone looked! The costumes, designed by Wendy McCrae, are absolutely stunning and the cast are already wearing them with considerable flair! In fact, I suspect that many of them have long had a secret yen for boots, doublets and armour.

Bookings are open at the Devonport Entertainment and Convention Centre and can also be made online.

This year’s cast features an exciting mix of familiar faces and newcomers including Michael Foote as Arthur, Chloe Harris as Guinevere, Kevin Hendrey as Lancelot, Alastair Yeates as Mordred and Stuart Brown as Merlin.

Arthur and Guinevere
Arthur and Guinevere

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