Sweeney Todd – Cast Announcement

After a gruelling weekend of auditions and then another few days of plotting and planning by the production team we can announce our all-star Super Cast for Sweeney Todd!

Sweeney Todd – Shane Wolfe

Mrs Lovett – Denise Sam

Anthony Hope – Jason Grubb

Johanna -Laura Smallbon

Judge TurpinĀ  – Derrick McPhie

Beadle Bamford – Paul Smith

Tobias – Chris Irvine

The Beggar Woman – Elizabeth Viney

Pirelli – Michael Foote

Ensemble: Bronwyn Baker, Chloe Harris, Elizabeth Sly, Georgie Hutchinson, Georgina Harvey, Lyn Butler, Jenny Slater, Jane Djakic, Sally Jupp, Maree Brodzinski, Guy Carey, Thomas Higgs, Tom Reynolds, John Lee Archer, Michael Foot, Joe Hendrey

Our first 2009 rehearsal will be held on Friday 16th January at 7.00pm at the Maidstone Park hall, Main Rd Spreyton.

Hams, every one of them!
Hams, every one of them!

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