Almost everyone has read, heard or seen the legend of King Arthur, Gunevere, Lancelot, Merlyn and the knights of the Round Table in one form or another. This bizarre combination of fact and fiction served as the basis for Thomas Malory’s Morte d’Arthur in 1485, Tennyson’s Morte d’Arthur 1833, T H White’s The Once and Future King in 1958 and finally for 1960’s magical Lerner and Lowe musical Camelot.

  • Director – Lindy Hingston
  • Musical Director – Dominique Baker assisted by Aneka Mihal
  • Vocal Directors – Elizabeth Sandman and Carolyn Harris
  • Choreography – Julie Scott

Featuring Michael Foote, Chloe Harris, Kevin Hendrey, Bruce Tivendale, Stewart Brown and Alastair Yeates as well as a medieval mob of knights, damsels and servants from castles and estates across the North West of Tasmania.

May 2010

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