All Shook Up

May 2015

All Shook Up is set in the middle of a square State … in the middle of a square decade … in a square little town …where one girl’s dream and a surprise visit from a mysterious leather-jacketed, guitar-playing stranger help a small town to discover the magic of romance and the power of Rock & Roll. The action takes place within a 24-hour period during the summer of 1955 – a time of great social change in theUSA.

Devonport Entertainment Centre
15 – 30 May

Production Team

  • Sid Sidebottom – Director
  • Bronwyn Darvell – Musical Director
  • Phoebe Wootton – Choreographer
  • Shayne Lowe – Vocal Director
  • Liz Viney – Assistant Director
  • Jenny Slater – Set Designer
  • Vicki Purnell – Costume Designer/Maker
  • Rod Viney –Producer
  • Maree Brodzinski – Producer/Marketing & Promotions
  •  John Lee-Archer – Stage Manager
  • Carla Pizzarani-Rand – Make-up and Hair
  • Jeff Hockley – Lighting Design
  • Guy Carey – Construction

– Laura Gillard          Chad – Paul Wells
Sylvia – Shayne Lowe             Jim – Mike Brooke
Lorraine – AllyDouglas          Dean – Jonny Marchand
Sandra – Jessica Smedley     Dennis – Alastair Yeates
Matilda – Tash Turner          Sheriff Earl  – Jake Jacobson

Abbey Kelly, AnaïsWoods, Caitlin Singleton, Caleb Dyer, Claire Baker, ElizabethViney, Gus Viney, Hannah Lee-Archer, Helenmarie, Jan Wootton, Jane Foote, Jenny Slater, Joel King, Kamil Douglas, Kelcie Meldrum, Kimbra Westcott, Lana Stokes, Maree Brodzinski, Olivia Brodzinski, Rhys King, Rob Douglas, Sam Lennon

Photographs by Jake Jacobson

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