DCS presents a relaxed performance of Freaky Friday

As part of our season of FREAKY FRIDAY, we would like to offer to our community a “relaxed performance” on Saturday 20 May at 1.30pm.

A “relaxed performance” is a type of live performance that is specifically designed to create a more relaxed and inclusive atmosphere for people who may find traditional performances challenging or overwhelming. This can include individuals with disabilities, neurodivergent individuals, those with sensory sensitivities, young children, or anyone who may benefit from a more flexible and accommodating environment.

What can you expect at the Freaky Friday relaxed performance?:

* House lights will be left on and dimmed during performance
* A pre-show talk about what to expect during the performance
* Sound levels will be lowered, and any sudden loud noises, flashing lights or other potentially distressing effects will be minimized or eliminated altogether
* Audiences are free to move around, make noise, and leave and re-enter the performance as needed
* Auslan Interpreters (Deaf Connect Interpreting Service)
* Hearing loop installed with headsets
* Space for service animals
* Visual and communication resources such as communication boards and visual stories
* Resources to increase comfort such as booster seats for the theatre
* A chill out area
* Additional Front of House staff to assist you

Click here for your Relaxed Performance Visual Guide.

Book your tickets online here: https://www.paranapleartscentre.com.au/events/freaky-friday/visit the Box Office at 145 Rooke Street or call 6420 2900

Thank you to Primary Health Tasmania, Town Hall Theatre – paranaple arts centre – Devonport, Devonport Sensory Hub and the Princess Theatre for assisting us with this performance.

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