Devonport Choral Society: “Downtown”

Theatre Review by Angela Flemming

Wow!  What a comprehensively wonderful evening of music, singing, dance, colour, and infectious energy, by an impressively dedicated, focused and professional team (both on and off the stage).

The Devonport Choral Society’s latest production is a ‘must see’ for anyone wanting a fabulous night of sheer entertainment and fun.

Opening Night was a sell-out of enthusiastic patrons, and the buzz was infectious (a crowd that any professional company in a major city would envy).

The stage set was outstanding in its imagination, creativity, and cleverly changing colours, so appropriate to the themes of the show.

The choral harmonies of the backing team of singers were a beautiful complement to the five, very talented lead vocalists, and the numerous, well choreographed, dance routines were quirky, and fun, and energetic, and screamed out to the audience to ‘rock along’.

There were many examples of clever, comic irony in the dialogue, and in the reminders of the attitudes and ‘norms’ of the 60/70’s era.

An impressive and talented group of musicians, ideally placed up-stage, supported the singing and dancing, rather than (as often happens today) overwhelming it.

Sound effects, such as the window cleaning, were particularly clever and apt.

It was a special thrill for me to be at a show where I found, to my surprise, that I still knew every word of every song, and that whole era of classic tunes came joyfully rushing back.

Whether you remember the songs or not, you are guaranteed a totally impressive and entertaining night of first-class, live, community theatre.

Congratulations to popular Director, Sid Sidebottom, and to everyone involved, on such a supremely satisfying team effort.

I know what energy, dedication and commitment it takes.

Time to get ‘down town’ folks! You deserve it, and so do they.

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