Official Cast Announcement – Bad Girls – Australian Premiere!

Announcing Australia’s BADDEST Girls (and a few slightly naughty boys!)
Alison Jarman as Helen Stewart
Katy Pakinga as Nikki Wade
Denise Sam as Yvonne Atkins
Sally Jupp as Shell Dockley
Danielle Harris as Denny Blood
Carolyn Harris as Julie Saunders
Elizabeth Viney as Julie Johnstone
Holly Johnstone as Crystal Gordon
Maree Brodzinski as Sylvia Hollamby
Elizabeth Sly as Rachel Hicks
Lynda Derrico as Noreen Biggs
Dimity Campbell as Tracey Butler
Sarah Foster as Tina (Spike) Malley
Jenny Slater as Natalie Tongs
Xia Xia Jiang as Jenny Tue
Lucy Foote as Penny Reid
Georgina Harvey as Kat Cooley
Jane Foote as Teresa Pyke
David Lee as Principal Officer Jim Fenner
Alastair Yeates as Junior Officer Justin Mattison
John Lee-Archer as The Governor
Jake Jacobson as Officer Dale Sims
Garry Heazlewood as Officer Robert Drake
Tom Harvey as Junior Officer Ryan

Congratulations girls and fellas! You will be an outstanding cast for the Australian Premiere of BAD GIRLS – The Musical!

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