May 1995

When Cabaret opens, Berlin is at the crossroads. Unemployment and poverty are rife and Germany is becoming politically unstable, due in part to Hitler’s disruptive influence.The story of Cliff and Sally is set in and around the Kit Kat Klub, which is portrayed as a microcosm of Berlin; the rich and popular cavorting with commoners, artistic integrity often prostituted for quick reward, self indulgence, fun, excitement, sexual antics, political intrigue, social commentary and eroded values – a place of love, hate, ambition, fear, complacency and escapism.

  • Director – Roger Brooks
  • Musical Director – Scott Weston
  • Choreographer – Joyclynn Biner

Featuring Clinton Griffiths, Denise Shoobridge, Chris Pidd, Lynda Beaton, Guy Carey, Adam Grace and Madeline Wynwood as well as the NW Coast’s most gorgeous cabaret girls, nastiest Nazis and enthusiastic Berliners.

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